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Submitted: 08 February 2013 Modified: 08 February 2013
HERDIN Record #: R05-ADNU-13020813304111

Identifying factors related to the sense of coherence of adult asthmatics in Dumaguete City

College of Nursing - Silliman University


Context: This study examines the relationship between the Sense of Coherence (SOC) and selected variables in 159 asthmatics, aged 20-40 years old.

Study design: Descriptive correlational approach

Study setting: Dumaguete City

Study population: 159 respondents aged 20-40 years old

The data revealed that a majority of adult asthmatics have a high senseof coherence. No significant relationship between SOC and age, gender, marital status and educational attainment. Moreover, no significant relationship was observed between SOC and the nature and perceived, helpfulness of societal support, level of major stressful events and the self-reported health status levels of respodents. However, a significant relationship was observed between SOC levels of adult asthmatics and their perceived societal cohesion and structure as well as their levels of health maintaining behaviors.

Such findings strengthen the validity of concepts of salutogenesis and the knowledge that SOC influences in the maintenance of a person's health. Thereby, SOC may be tapped as a health management resource for people with asthma of other health related conditions.

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Case report
Silliman journal
Publication Date:
January-June 2007
vol. 48
no. 1
Silliman University


General Objective
Identify factors related to the sense of coherence among asthmatic adults.

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