Herdin Record #: PCHRD060707050621

Prof.  Maria Lourdes  E.  Amarillo

Academic Information

Post Graduate University of North Carolina MS Biostatistics 1993
Undergraduate University of the Philippines Los Banos BS Statistics 1987

Institutional Affiliations

Department of Clinical Epidemiology, College of Medicine Assistant Professor/biostatistician 1988 - present
Filiaris Study Group-NIH Convenor 2003 - present
Lung Center of the Philippines Biostatistics Consultant/Tech Review Board Consultant 2001 - present
National Kidney & Transplant Institute (Renal Disease Control Program) Biostatistics Consultant/Philippine Renal Disease Registry Consultant 2003 - present
Program for Appropriate Technology in Health, Foundation Inc. (PFPI, INC.) Consultant 2002 - present


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